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Financial Planning Services You Can Rely On


Investment Planning

Countless evidence supports the idea that more goals are achieved once they have been outlined, planned for, and monitored.  Whether your goals are big or small, we’re here to help.

Retirement Planning

Outliving your money is the most common fear among individuals going into retirement.  Let us help you develop a proper retirement strategy completely individualized to your own income sources and goals.


Risk Management

Regardless of the planning that you do, life has a way of throwing curveballs; having the right products in place to manage that risk is essential.  We like to incorporate work benefits and personally owned products into your plan and ensure you understand exactly what contingencies you have in place.  Far too many people ignore this part of their financial plan to their own detriment.  Whether you have nothing, do not understand what you have, or are just looking for a second opinion, our team is happy to help.

Group Benefits

A large part of our business deals with helping other small businesses get set up.  A big part of that is often the benefit packages that they want to purchase for employees.  Our knowledgeable team will help you identify what options you have inside of the price point you want.  A huge part of a successful business comes from happy and healthy employees.  Group benefits go a long way in supporting that.


Business Succession Planning

Trying to figure out how to sell your business or pass it down the line can be confusing and frustrating. Likely you’ve sought many different opinions and have been given many different answers.  At Chestnut Financial, we get that.  Not only have we successfully planned numerous business continuation plans for our small business customers, we’ve also had to do it for our own.  Let us help you explore the different options you have and individualize a plan that suits your situation best.