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Expert Financial Advisors at Chestnut Financial


James Chestnut

James started Chestnut Financial in 1978.  He moved from Sussex, New Brunswick, to London, Ontario, in hopes of creating something that he could pass down to his children.  James is an avid supporter of industry professionals continuing their education as he believes that the financial marketplace is constantly changing and evolving.  “Education expires” is often the way he describes this to younger entrepreneurs as they enter into this field.

On a personal level, James has loved hockey since his childhood. He continues to help run a local league, plays golf often, and does cross fit training at a local gym daily. He believes that communities become stronger when people support local.

“The financial industry has been very rewarding to our family. I am grateful for the success which we have enjoyed, the clients that we have helped, and I am proud to have built a small business that will continue on to the next generation.” –James

Stephanie headshot

Stephanie Chestnut

 Stephanie’s skill set began on the investment side of the business. She wrote her Securities and Life License while finishing her education in 2010.  After finishing school, Stephanie worked for a brokerage house and continued her hands-on learning there.  Once establishing herself at the brokerage house, James invited Stephanie to join Chestnut Financial and oversee the investment side of the business.  Stephanie is also involved in the servicing of existing clients and implementing new insurance strategies.

On a personal level, Stephanie and her husband Adam have 6 children. They enjoy watching their children participate in numerous activities and both have a passion for travel.


Andrea Shea-Dean

Andrea has worked a number of years in an administrative role and has concentrated on the financial industry since 2014.   She has completed training in Business Management, Project Management and Professional Development.  When she is not working, she is usually camping with her family, hosting international exchange students and creating beach glass jewelry.