At Chestnut Financial we believe in building a financial roadmap for our clients that is specific and realistic; one that is tailored to each clients’ individual needs. We believe our role is to educate our client base on the risks associated with their current situation and guide them through a process of choosing the best products to minimize that risk in the most tax efficient manner possible. Each of our clients move through a detailed process that allows for us to discover, educate, implement and monitor a financial framework set up to accomplish individual goals.

Step 1- Information Collection

Our first meeting will outline what your goals are and what resources you have available to implement your short, medium and long term plans.

Step 2- Creating a Plan

We then analyze the data and design a plan that will help you achieve the goals which you outlined in step one.

Step 3- Implementing the Plan

We will give you recommendations on the way in which your finances should be structured to obtain your goals in the most realistic and tax efficient way possible. Once you understand the products, processes, timeline and commitments necessary, we will facilitate the implementation of your personal financial plan.

Step 4- Monitoring and Adjusting

A plan is designed with the information available at its creation. Properly monitoring your plan and making the necessary adjustments to keep you on track is essential to obtaining the end goal. We prefer to meet at a minimum annually with our clients but suggest that meetings be scheduled in the event of any significant life changes.